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Best ways to make yourself understood on iPhone

As the summer approaches, our thoughts turn to potential visits to foreign lands. The only barrier to such travel these days is a linguistic one.

Thankfully, with your iPhone by your side, even this is no longer an issue. Just fire up a decent translation app and you'll be ordering, enquiring, and even conversing in another language with minimal effort.

So, take a look at the Top 5 translation apps on iPhone and get that suitcase packed.

Don't forget the suncream.

The reason SayHi Translate scores so highly is that it deals with the practicalities of translation. Preparing your order in a restaurant is one thing, but what about those to-and-fro conversations that inevitably leave you stumped? SayHi Translate plays your speech back into one of 40 languages in real time. Which is pretty much magic.
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While Languages 'only' covers 12 complete languages, it does so comprehensively. More importantly, it does so without the need for an internet connection, so you can happily use it abroad without worrying about data charges. It also benefits from a beautifully polished UI.
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Google has a formidable presence in the world of translation apps, and it's easy to see why. Google Translate supports 64 languages, 17 of which allow you to speak the words for translation, and 24 of which will play the correct translation aloud. The iOS version doesn't have an offline mode yet, but it's coming.
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Okay, so Word Lens is a bit of a gimmick, but it's an incredibly cool one. In fact, it's just the kind of tool that major smartphone manufacturers use to advertise their smartphones. With this augmented reality app installed, you can hold up your iPhone's camera to a piece of foreign text, and it'll magically translate the text in its original format right before your eyes. Woof.
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Lightroomapps's GoTranslate makes our list for its very specific text translation abilities. Feed in a piece of foreign text from a website, email, or attachment and it will instantly offer up a translation. You can then share this translated text via email or a social network. It will also back up your translation history to iCloud.
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