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Top 5 Motoring Apps for iPhone

Best apps for petrolheads on iPhone

Who says that driving and mobile phones don't mix?

Naturally, talking or texting while driving is a flat-out bad idea, but that doesn't mean that the two things can't come together in other beautiful ways. It just takes a little vision.

To illustrate, allow us to present to you our Top 5 motoring apps on iPhone.

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Buying a new car used to be such a painfully dull experience in the dark old days before Auto Trader hit the internet. Now, this Auto Trader Mobile app goes one better than its web-based cousin, offering you the full experience on your iPhone. Search for, save, and locate your dream car in minutes.
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So, you've found your dream car on Auto Trader Mobile, but how do you know you're getting a good deal? How much is the car really worth? Alternatively, how much is YOUR car worth? Parker's Car Price Checker is the definitive guide on such things. You can even make on-the-spot adjustments to take mileage and age into account when calculating.
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The TomTom brand has almost become synonymous with the sat nav concept itself, and this app delivers the full turn-by-turn experience to your iPhone. As well as a proven and reliable direction-giving system, TomTom offers something that free solutions like Apple Maps and Google Maps can't - it works flawlessly even when there's no 3G signal.
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Poynt is one of many local guide apps that provide you with information on your surroundings. This one, however, is about much more than just finding a decent restaurant or the latest cinema times in your area. It also provides information on the nearest and cheapest petrol stations - an invaluable tool for any motorist.
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Motoring journalist Honest John has been lending his automobile advice to Telegraph readers and through his own website for years now, so it's good to have all this wisdom rounded up and laid out in app form. With this handy application on your blower, you can search for advice based on car make, watch John's video reviews, and gain access to the vibrant Back Room forums for technical advice.
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