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Top 5 Ice Hockey Games on iPhone

Best ways to hit a slapshot on iPhone

While ice hockey is arguably the smallest of the "big four" sports over in the US, it has a surprisingly long reach, with countries such as Finland and Russia particularly enamoured by it. And good at it.

The sport also translates beautifully to the video game medium. Goals, fights, and a uniquely slippery core mechanic make for some compelling digitised action on home consoles - and it's no different on iPhone.

Let's take a closer look, then, at the Top 5 ice hockey games on iPhone.

Play that cheesy organ riff!

Hothead Games is known for making engrossing yet intuitive sports-management games for iOS, so guess what Big Win Hockey's all about, then, eh? Yep. Assemble your players, set them up, and watch them do battle on your behalf. It's nail-biting stuff.
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Icebreaker Hockey is the polar (ice! Geddit? Good) opposite of Big Win Hockey. That's because in this game NaturalMotion zooms in on a single element of the sport - carrying the puck - and thrusts you into the heart of the action. Can you run the gauntlet with several large armoured men skating towards you? Can you?
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Hockey Nations 2011 Pro is more of a traditional ice hockey sim than the other games on this list, for its creator replicates the look and feel of a real hockey match, and puts you in overall control of your team. Distinctive Developments even captures the thrill of a good scrap, which - let's face it - is integral to the sport's appeal.
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Chop Chop Hockey is another arcade ice hockey title, though it's slightly less single-minded than Icebreaker Hockey. This is frantic 4-vs-4 stuff, where the tactics and machismo of the sport are sidelined in favour of fluid goal-fests and cutesy animated players.
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Taking the (seemingly) more popular contemporary arcade-y approach to ice hockey, Mountain Sheep strips things back in Ice Rage even further than Gamerizon does in Chop Chop Hockey. Forget your fancy passing triangles - this is all about 1-on-1 skills and violence, starring an unlikely cast of block-headed characters.
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