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Top 5 Baseball Games on iPhone

Best ways to hit a home run on iPhone

Brits may think of it as rounders, but to many in the US and Japan baseball is a way of life. Regardless of which camp you fall into, we can all agree that hitting balls with sticks can be very fun indeed.

That extends to digital games, too, and the iPhone is spoilt for choice in terms of baseball games. Whether you want to manage the game, play the game, or simply take a few swings, there's something for you on iOS.

Without any further ado, then, let's consider the Top 5 baseball games on iPhone.

Batter up!

Gamevil's Baseball Superstars series has been a huge success, combining RPG-lite elements with a streamlined approach to pitching and batting. This being Gamevil, there's a brilliantly barmy fantasy element at play here, too, as outlandish special players flaunt their supernatural baseball powers at every opportunity.
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Unlike others on this list, Homerun Battle 3D doesn't care about stats and tactics and batting orders. It only cares about your blasting the ball out of the ground, which you can do in brilliant 3D by physically aligning your iPhone as you would a bat. Just don't get carried away with the actions.
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Though iOOTP Baseball 2012 lacks the real-world licences of some of its rivals, its creator still manages to serve up one of the most in-depth approximations of the game. This is a pure management sim, where you set up every aspect of your team, then sit biting your fingernails while the games play out.
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Com2uS's 9 Innings is arguably the most rounded interpretation of baseball on this list, for it combines the arcade-y baseball thrills of Baseball Superstars with some of the management magic of iOOTP. The game's trump card, though, is its official licence, which means you can take control of a real MLB team. Yes, really.
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This beautifully presented arcade baseball game distills the sport to its very essence. With an innovative swipe-based batting system and a deceptive level of depth below a sugar-coated cartoony exterior, Big Hit Baseball is a breath of fresh air if you've had enough of the other more 'serious' baseball offerings on the App Store.
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