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Top 5 Third-Person Shooters on iPhone

Best ways to shoot from the shoulder on iPhone

The third-person shooter is one of the defining genres of the modern console era. Nothing screams big-budget, high-definition, couch-based entertainment like a stunning over-the-shoulder action game.

And yet in recent years we've seen some phenomenal examples of this on the (relatively) tiddly iPhone. It's a testament to how much power Apple has managed to cram into that 4-inch form factor, as well as to the excellent work of iOS game developers.

So, let's hunker down behind cover, take a breather, and consider the Top 5 third-person shooters on iPhone.

Then, let's spring out and pop some caps in some asses.

Few believed that EA and its in-house developer IronMonkey would be able to match the cinematic majesty of console horror-shooter Dead Space on iPhone, but do you know what? They did. Dead Space is claustrophobic, atmospheric, and a bit of a blast.
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Trigger Fist is slightly different from the rest on this list in that it's an online multiplayer shooter. It's a rare success in the field because it manages to nail the essence of what makes online console shooters so compelling, without crippling the game through fiddly controls. The idea is to bomb around tight levels blasting human opponents - some of which have goats on their backs.
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Frontline Commando is a little deceptive. How come? Well, while it looks like a full-blown third-person shooter, it's actually more like an advanced shooting gallery. But, WHAT a shooting gallery. Blast away at gloriously rendered enemies while tapping to swap between cover.
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Madfinger's intention with Shadowgun is pretty obvious: create a third-person shooter that could be mistaken for a console game. With its impressive Unreal Engine-powered graphics and slick duck-and-cover action, it certainly achieved that goal.
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With EA wisely cutting the lengthy RPG elements from the console original in Mass Effect Infiltrator, you are presented with an impressive third-person shooter set in the same universe. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's from the same team that produced Dead Space further up this list, and it nails this crossover with a similar degree of flair.
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