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Top 5 Console Racers for iPhone

Best ways to get that high-class racing experience on iPhone

The App Store is packed full of racing games, but today we're focusing on a particular elite breed. We're talking about the console racer. Yes.

We don't necessarily just mean racing games that have appeared on the home consoles - although we certainly have featured a couple of those on our list. We're also interested in games that nail the 'feel' of a classic console racing game.

In this Top 5 console racers on iPhone round-up, we're concerned with gorgeous 3D visuals and super-slick arcade-y handling. Games you could imagine playing blown up on your TV.

Let's roll.

Real Racing 2 owes a large debt of gratitude to console racing sims like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport - and comparisons with those two racers are not without merit. Thanks to a stunning 3D engine, refined accelerometer controls, and compelling bumper-to-bumper racing, this is like a slice of console goodness for your iPhone.
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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing represents the lighter side of arcade racing. This is a cute mascot-led kart racer chock-full of crazy track designs, zany power-ups, and wacky characters. What's impressive is how its dev has nailed that chunky console racer feel - which is probably because it was made by console racer specialist Sumo Digital. Good job!
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Another Need For Speed, though Shift is a very different beast from Most Wanted. Whereas Shift is kinda like your careful, precise, wise old uncle, Most Wanted is your rambunctious and daring younger brother. Shift does still find time for a little back-end action through its entertaining street drifting sections, mind. A fine mish-mash of racing disciplines, all told.
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Gameloft's long-running mobile racing series continues to take baby steps towards the quality and presentation of a full-blown console racer. It's no surprise, then, to discover that the seventh and latest version is the best yet, with pin-sharp HD graphics, loads of cars, and some fine globe-trotting tracks.
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Made by the team behind Real Racing 2, Need For Speed: Most Wanted sports a similarly stunning take on the console racer. This time, it's a decidedly arcade-y affair, so expect a ridiculous sense of pace, spectacular crashes, and a simply stunning graphics engine. Worthy of the console series whence it came.
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