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Top 5 3D Puzzlers on iPhone

Best ways to stretch your brain on iPhone

Developers have been making puzzle games that operate on two planes for decades. It's a lot tougher to make a satisfying 3D puzzler, though.

With that extra dimension comes a whole new heap of strategic possibilities. It also introduces the hazards of a decent camera system, however. Puzzle games must be intuitive first and foremost, which is trickier to do in 3D.

In this challenging field, then, some guidance is needed. Here are our Top 5 3D puzzlers on iPhone.

Prepare to have your minds warped - IN 3D. 

Mobigame's popular Edge game returns for more 3D spatial puzzles - this time around, it's powered by a brand-new 3D engine. The simple premise: to push your little cube through a series of fiendishly abstract mazes. You'll need your brain as well as your reflexes sharpened in order to complete each of these 48 levels.
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Illusion Labs populates arguably the most beautiful 3D world on this list with explosions, teleporters, and a bunch of the cutest robots you're ever likely to see. Use an assortment of bombs to free three boxies per level, then uncover the level exit and figure a way to reach it. Sounds simple? You'll have to employ some sound logical thinking to succeed.
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Most of the time, you will get a girl onto the dance floor with a polite request (preceded, perhaps, by a little Dutch courage), but in Save Toshi DX you must smash the intricate structures she's stood on to carefully spill her into position to strut her stuff. It's a bizarre premise, but also an impossibly fun one. Thankfully, the game itself follows suit!
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Oh! Cube takes traditional numerical grid puzzlers like Picross and Sudoku, and throws in a whole new dimension. Now, you must use number clues to knock off individual cubes from a large block. The idea is to uncover the 3D model hidden within, like some kind of maths wizard sculptor. It's a truly enthralling game that really utilises the third dimension.
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In Enigmo 2, Pangea bravely takes the finely poised physics gameplay of the original and brings in the third dimension to make it even trickier and more involving. Each level requires you to re-route assorted streams of water, plasma, and laser beams through various deflecting objects and prisms. It can be incredibly tough, but Enigmo 2 is a truly immersive 3D puzzler.
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