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Top 5 Car Combat Games on iPhone

Best ways to let out some road rage on iPhone

What video game genre isn't improved through the introduction of a little casual violence? None. Racing games are no exception to this rule.

Of course, said automotive conflict can be introduced in a number of ways, ranging from subtle fender bending to total Mad Max-worthy carnage.

We thought we'd cover the lot in our Top 5 car combat games on iPhone piece. If you're in the mood for some hard drivin', step right this way.

Just don't try any of this at home, kids. Or at school. Or anywhere. (Thanks, Mr Ziggler.)

Few video game series have combined combat and cars so effectively as Grand Theft Auto. Pinch a car, drive around the city, and cause mayhem. Bliss. Chinatown Wars is special because it was designed with portable play in mind, so there are a number of touchscreen-friendly mini-games ready and waiting for you.
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Arguably the purest car combat game on this list, Remedy Entertainment's Death Rally gives you a tidy top-town perspective and allows you to strap whopping great guns to the front of your car. Each game is as much about whittling down the field as it is taking the perfect racing line, and it's all the better for it.
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If the car combat thrills have been fairly illicit thus far, Smash Cops brings a sense of balance to proceedings. Here, you play the part of an overzealous cop who must smash a number of perps into submission. There's the thrilling sense of a real car chase to Smash Cops's gameplay, while the exaggerated explosions and glorious 3D graphics add a welcome touch of Hollywood excess.
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Burnout comes to iPhone, but not in the fashion you might be accustomed to. Instead of being a 3D arcade-racer, EA's Burnout Crash! is more like a top-down puzzler of sorts. So, you plan out and execute a series of destructive traffic collisions in a bid to cause as much damage as possible. Which, as it turns out, is rather a lot.
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In Gears and Guts, the dev takes the top-down racing of Smash Cops, applies it to GTA's free-roaming city, and adds in Death Rally's OTT gunplay. Oh, and it chucks in a bunch of shuffling zombies for you to mow down in your pimped-up monster truck. What's not to like?
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