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Top 5 Space-Based Shooters on iPhone

Best ways to blast aliens on iPhone

The space-based shooter is the spiritual father of all modern shooters. Before developers had to worry about rendering realistic trees, lakes, and cities, they could use the black backdrop of space as a handy technical shortcut.

Space-based shooters continue to be the purest form of shoot-‘em-ups around, even on the powerful iPhone 4S, where rendering more detailed environments isn’t an issue.

With that in mind, we thought we’d pay tribute to one of the first ever video game genres in our Top 5 space-based shooters on iPhone.

Strap yourself in for blast off.

Playing the part of an intergalactic bin man (of sorts) in Space Junk, you have to tidy up the detritus of outer space. Satellites, space shuttles, and more must be blown to smithereens with your laser cannon - and it's all rendered in a glorious retro-vector style.
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It's fitting that a Space Invaders game should make it onto this list, given that the original Space Invaders kicked the whole genre off. Space Invaders Infinity Gene is no nostalgic retread, though - this is a constantly evolving shooter with some stunning light show visuals.
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A stunning twin-stick shooter with bold neon visuals, Infinity Field differentiates itself from the field by offering a varied set of objectives. It's mindless blasting, but channeled in interesting directions!
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Another update of a classic space-shooter series, Dariusburst SP is a side-scrolling masterpiece with impressive 3D visuals. There's a surprising level of variety, too, thanks to a neat branching level structure that means no two playthroughs will be identical.
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Though it looks like a somewhat plainer Infinity Field, Isotope: A Space Shooter is an altogether deeper, longer lasting breed of space shooter. It features maze-like levels and a sprawling upgrade system, making the game suitable for more than just a quick blast.
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