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Top 5 Twin-Stick Shooters on iPhone

Best ways to cover your six, seven, and eight on iPhone

It's perhaps ironic that the twin-stick shooter genre has found a niche on a device which doesn't even have one stick, let alone a matching pair.

Inspite of this superficially crippling handicap, the iPhone's touchscreen has proved itself more than capable of supporting surprisingly nuanced two-thumb control schemes, without the aid of a single protruding stalk.

To prove just how much fun you can have with a Retina display and two eager digits, we've blasted our way through the chaff to bring you our Top 5 twin-stick shooters on iPhone.

Loosen up those weary joints, because it's time to let your thumbs do the stalking.

The pulsing neon offspring of a union between Geometry Wars and your iTunes library, this music-powered shooter is an example of a good idea well-executed. Plus, as the game's stages are procedurally-generated from MP3s, there's always a new level to be conquered.
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Cave took a break from knocking out vertically-scrolling shmups to deliver this idiosyncratic take on the twin-stick shooter genre. Help Reco defend the forest against swarms of brightly coloured insects by lobbing seeds at the arsey arthropods. Buggy, but in a good way.
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One of these games had to have zombies in, and this thumb-driven blaster is the best of the undead bunch. Punishing and frantic in single-player, the game truly shines in multiplayer, where only tactics and teamwork will get you through the deadite assault alive.
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An exhilarating combination of classic genre conventions and RPG-style exploration, this luminous bullet storm tests your brains as well as your reactions. Collect the keys, escape the level, and direct white-hot lazer fury at all who cross your path.
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When you find yourself wearing a Jason Voorhees mask and unloading a comically oversized minigun into a demonically possessed bin, you know that somewhere there's a game designer with a seriously misspent childhood. Silly, gory, but jolly-good larks.
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