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Best ways to capture that perfect moment on iPhone

Now that practically every smartphone on the market comes with a half-decent camera as standard, no part of modern life is left unrecorded.

While the iPhone's native camera software is perfectly adequate, there is an abundance of high-powered iOS image-processing applications on Apple's digital marketplace for improving and tweaking your smartphone snaps.

Today, we thought we'd turn the Qi lens towards the App Store and expose you to our Top 5 photo apps on iPhone.

So smile, pull your shoulders back, and try not to blink, 'cause this one's going on your profile.

Chances are you have already used the above app to take an ironic picture of this very list. You are then planning to apply an antique filter and upload the image to numerous social networks simultaneously. Just make sure you get my good sentence.
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Offering an array of effects, Nik Software's Snapseed tool makes mobile photo editing a doddle thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly interface. Ideal for adding a touch of creativity to your smartphone portraits, especially if you don't speak fluent Photoshop.
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While it's noteworthy for scooping multiple awards and attracting over 7 million downloads, Camera+ is probably best known for Clarity, its one-touch-fixes-all processing solution. A handy option if you want to get that picture of a cat lying on its back on your Twitter feed double-quick.
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If you want to make big things look tiny, then you have three options: photograph the big thing next to a really, REALLY big thing; employ forced perspective; or apply a tiltshift effect. With its generous selection of vignetting options, Art & Mobile's iPhone software is just the thing for making people look like ants, and ants look like teeny-tiny ants.
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Though some photo apps do have a panoramic option built in, few are as comprehensive as Occipital's vista-capturing image creator. Just rotate slowly on the spot like you're a bowl of soup in a microwave, and let the gyroscope-powered software do the rest.
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