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Top 5 Aquatic Apps on iPhone

Best ways to take the plunge on iPhone

In a world as filled with distractions as our own, it's easy to overlook the basic elements of life - and they don't come more basic than H2O.

That's right: life-giving, thirst-quenching, skin-cleansing aqua vita (or 'water' to you and me) is the focus of today's trawl through the App Store ocean.

But, before we plunged into the cool waters of the iOS pool, we asked ourselves one question: what are the Top 5 aquatic apps on iPhone.

So, grab your snorkel and prepare to submerge yourself in an ocean of interactive wonders.

For most people, bath time is a fairly mundane routine. For Disney's Swampy the Alligator, it's a logistical nightmare, involving protracted excavation, complex plumbing adjustments, isolated water pockets, and corrosive green goo. Just make sure you don't confuse those last two.
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Though Gameloft's watery 3-star flick-catapult title has been hailed by some as the next Angry Birds, it's going to have to generate some serious waves if it plans to dislodge the Mighty Eagle from its lofty iOS perch. I wonder if sharks like the taste of bird meat...
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There's no time for baths in Mediocre's flammable physics-puzzler - there are homes in jeopardy! It's your duty as a small blue firefighter (?) to extinguish on-screen blazes using your trusty water cannon. A torrent of fun. Ahem.
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However much water you consume on a daily basis, chances are you're still not drinking enough. This app offers a quick and easy way to monitor your daily water intake, and ensure that you're giving your body enough of that most basic - yet essential - of elements.
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Though racing games are ten a penny on the App Store, there aren't many that involve futuristic jet skis. Power through 12 waterways and three game modes to become undisputed champion of the swell. Wetsuit not included.
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