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Best ways to roll a 6 on iPhone

Chance is the ultimate master of destiny. However much we try to exert control over our lives and surroundings, Lady Luck will inevitably appear and slap the smug smile from our lips.

No one can predict the roll of an unweighted die or the toss of a fairly balanced coin. That's why - before the advent of computers - the best way to introduce an element of chance into a game was with to throw a numbered cube and hope for the best.

Though the idea of throwing a physical object to generate a random number might seem quaint, there are enough top-notch virtual tabletop titles to warrant the question: what are the Top 5 dice games on iPhone?

So, grab your smartphone, and let the good times roll.

This clever little grid-based puzzler bucks the match-three trend by asking you to match eight, instead. Clear dice from the screen by arranging them into rows which add up to the titular number. With 30 levels to perfect and three game modes to sample, you'll be counting the hours away before you know it.
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Whoever decided that the iPhone would be an ideal platform for dice-based role-playing adventure novels should be awarded an instant +5 intelligence modifier. Featuring an original story from an award-winning author, Gamebook Adventures 6 tasks you with taking charge of your own fate - provided the dice don't have other plans...
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Distilling The Beautiful Game into a series of random dice rolls might seem a little odd, but the critics all agree that this six-sided strategy crossover from LambdaMu will leave you praying for extra time. Build your dream team, head over to Game Center, and get ready to roll your way to fitba glory.
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While incredibly good at randomly generating numbers from one to six, dice are not the most practical of objects. They're angular, they're noisy, and they always wind up under the couch. Thankfully, MachWerx's virtual dice app means chance is never more than a button press away.
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Finally, no list of dice titles would be complete without a mention of the original family numbers game: Yahtzee. Best your opponents in 13 rounds of cube-rattling action without having to worry about keeping the cat away from the board. Yahhhhhhhhhttttzeeeee!!!!
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