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Top 5 iPhone Games for Kids

Best ways to entertain the younger generation on iPhone

While it's true that video games get a lot of unnecessary flak for their supposedly damaging effects on impressionable, wide-eyed youths, there's no getting around the fact that some games simply aren't suitable for children.

However liberal a parent or cool an uncle you might be, buzzsawing a pedestrian's heads off while simultaneously repainting a digital wall with some poor soul's virtual brains is not a practice your young son / daughter / niece / nephew should be participating in.

Being the responsible types that we are, the Qi team has scoured the charts with a single child-friendly question in mind: what are the Top 5 iPhone games for kids?

And, before you ask, yes, we did find a Harry Potter game.

This colourful cartoon offering is just the thing to get the young 'uns thinking laterally. Guiding the cutesy Mokis to their destination requires a good grasp of physics (well, video game physics) and a degree of imagination - the perfect food for hungry young minds.
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Hogwart's star pupil apparates on iOS to enchant gamers both young and old in this highly polished platform adventure. Guide Harry, Ron, and Hermione through J.K. Rowling's magical world as realised through the blocky charm of Lego bricks. A surefire hit for any budding magician.
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As fun for kids as it is for adults, air hockey never really gets old. This mobile translation from Acceleroto does a great job of conveying the fast-paced thrill of thwacking a plastic disc over a cushion of air and into your opponent's slot. Just remember to give the kid a go.
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Recapturing the essence of classic puzzle-platformers like Bubble Bobble, this handsomely drawn caper pits you against an adorable brood of cuddly critters. Good clean fun for all the family. Probably a good idea to have a couple of muffins on standby, though. Suggestion is a powerful thing.
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If you're dreading the day when little Suzie demands her first pony, why not be prepared with a cheaper substitute? NaturalMotion's My Horse provides a virtual alternative to the hassle (and expense!) of equine ownership. Show jumping rosettes not included.
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