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Top 5 iPhone Games with Planes

Best ways to get airborne on your iPhone

One thing video games have always been good at is thrusting us into the cockpits of unattainable vehicles.

Of all the dangerous man-made contraptions, however, planes are arguably the most inaccessible. You might own a superbike. You might even get to take a Ferrari for a spin. But, few of us will ever take the controls of an F16 fighter jet.

Luckily, game developers have spent years attempting to recreate the stomach-churning thills of flight, resulting in a catalogue of aircraft-centric iOS titles. The question is: what ARE the Top 5 iPhone games with planes in them?

So, keep one eye on your rader and the other on the skies, because Qi is coming in for a flyby.

A game so pretty that Apple used it to demo the new iPad's phenomenal Retina display, Namco's fusion of arcade dogfighting and top-tier visuals makes for a compelling addition to the ranks of iOS flight sims. The generous selection of single-player modes and online multiplayer options doesn't hurt, either. You owe it to your HD screen.
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One of the biggest-selling entries in this chart also happens to be the least violent. Rather than reducing enemy aircraft to burnt-out husks in Flight Control, you must ensure passenger jets reach their destinations in one piece. Simple, but extremely addictive - this is portable puzzle gaming at its finest.
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Making the transition from home console to App Store in consummate style, this fully licensed air combat title lets you jump into the cockpit of 26 authentically modelled aircraft from the relative discomfort of a bus or cafeteria. Gather a few friends together, and you can even engage in a little local multiplayer over wi-fi or Bluetooth.
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If historical shooters are your bag, you can always take a flight into the past with this WWII combat sim. Trade computer-assisted targeting for good old-fashioned hand-eye coordination, as you take to the skies to defend the world from Nazi tyranny. On your phone.
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Taking more than a few liberties in the realism department, Licentia's supersonic fighter gives you access to lasers, thrusters, and a host of other shiny sci-fi trappings. If you know when to throttle up and how to stay on target, you can boost your way through over 60 levels of face-distorting aerial combat. Plus, your plane is red, which means it's the fastest.
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