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If information is currency, then the digital age has made us all millionaires. We are now bombarded with information, both banal and vital, each and every time we glance at an LCD screen.

Much of this data takes the form of news updates. Thanks to dedicated info hubs and social networks, we've never been more aware of what is going on in the world.

To keep you from being swept away by this tidal wave of information, we have waded through the App Store archives and chosen our Top 5 iPhone news apps.

So, get your news goggles on and prepare for a glimpse of the Big Picture, 'cause it's about to get factual.

Boasting live news coverage, a customisable home screen, audio / video content, and social network integration, The Guardian's app is one of the most full-featured virtual newsrooms on the market. You'll have to pay a subscription for the complete package, but if you don't mind parting with a fiver, you'll get 12 months unrestricted access to this highly respected publication.
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An RSS reader with a visual focus, Pulse gathers all your favourite news feeds together into a single stream of information. Alphonso Labs presents each feed as a row of easily browsable tiles, making it a cinch to stay on top of the latest happenings across a huge selection of sites.
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Although not technically a journalistic outfit, Twitter has quickly become one of the top sources for up-to-the-second breaking news and gossip. Responsible for countless scoops and shocking revelations since its inception, if you don't have this app installed on your iPhone, you're officially out of the loop. #Fact.
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If you want to stay abreast of important events over the Pond, then you could do a lot worse than download CNN's dedicated news app. Covering everything from politics to entertainment, and even offering video reports to CNN cable subscribers, this app is an excellent way to monitor one of the biggest news networks in the world while you're on the move.
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No news-oriented round-up would be complete without an entry from the good old Beeb. This pocket-powered news portal plugs you straight into the channel's News 24 service, as well as providing links to all of the latest BBC stories and updates. This has been James Gilmour, reporting for Qi. Now, over to Richard with the weather.
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