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Many of us spend large portions of our lives trying to avoid danger at all costs. We fasten our seatbelts, flick the fuse box when changing a lightbulb, and keep poisonous creatures at arm's length. 

There are some, however, who enjoy seeking thrills so much only the most hazardous activities will provide the endorphine rush they crave.

For those of you seeking the highs of competitive risk taking without the inevitable shattered pelvis, we've drawn up our list of the Top 5 extreme sports games on iPhone.

Sit back, put your feet up, and let your handset deal with the wipeouts, face-plants, and fractures so that you don't have to.

This Flash game conversion takes the white-knuckle thrills of snowboarding and adds gravity-defying tricks, crazy courses, and raging buzzsaws. As tough as it is physically implausible, Miniclip's stunt-tastic arcade game packs enough athletic insanity into this snow-capped app to satisfy even the most reckless of extreme sports fans.
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The second extreme sports entry from Illusion Labs on our list takes the popular Touchgrind formula, swaps out four wheels for two, and throws a pair of pedals into the bargain. Before you know it, you'll be commanding your BMX like a seasoned pro, pulling off wild tricks and limb-endangering stunts which would make Mat Hoffman himself green with envy.
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Our first fuel-injected offering is this pocket-sized portion of motocross mayhem from I-play. Boasting 60 levels, eight locations, and an array of suicidal stunts to perform and perfect, this is as close as many of us will get to soaring 40 feet above the ground with an engine pulsating between our legs. Unless you fly easyJet, of course.
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Moving from snow to concrete, we have Touchgrind, a classic entry in the iOS skateboarding genre that remains a fan favourite to this day. Welcoming to newcomers, but rewarding those who already know their shuvits from their kickflips, Touchgrind features instinctive controls and deck-wrecking challenges that will definitely keep your fingers coming back for more.
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A motorcycle game in the same vein as Trials HD (albeit designed in a different bike shed), Bravo's reflex-testing action-puzzler is all about balance. You're going to need excellent throttle control and supreme braking skills if you plan on jumping, flipping, and loop-de-looping through all 20-plus levels of this popular petrol-soaked racer.
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