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Best ways to enjoy omnipotence on iPhone

You don't have to be an architect to appreciate the pleasure that comes from building something yourself.

From the moment you contruct your very first house out of Lego - the one with multi-coloured walls, no roof, and a racing car in the living room - the joy of creation is understood.

Which leads us to the all-important question: what are the best god sims available for the iPhone?

Whether you're a lifelong megalomaniac, or just dipping your toe into the pool of infinite power, the list below will have something to satisfy your inner control freak.

Shifting the focus from erecting structures to directing the flow of goods and services, G5's Virtual City takes you on a journey from shipping company heiress to Mayor of Everything. The game spans 50 levels over five US states, so you're going to have to think fast if you want to keep up with the numerous tasks and challenges this one has in store for you.
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Doodle God takes Darwin's well-established evolutionary theories, tosses them out the window, and replaces them with a form of surreal alchemy. Combine elements to create other, more complex elements, and let the spark of your imagination ignite the fires of Prometheus. Warning: Promethean fire can beget civilisation.
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Ditching cash hoarding in favour of resource management, Trade Nations is more about stimulating your economy than throwing up skyscrapers willy-nilly. Buy and sell vital resources to keep your citizens happy and your city expanding. Just try not to let your virtual responsibilities interfere with those pesky real-life commitments.
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If we're talking god sims, they don't come much more influential than Will Wright's original city builder. If you can forgive the slightly finicky iOS controls, you'll discover an interactive paradise for frustrated town planners and enthusiastic architects. A must for anyone investigating the roots of the god genre.
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Not content to simply let you boss a family of five around or build a city, EA takes things right back to the primordial ooze from which life itself sprang in Spore Origins. This Creationist-baiting time sink lets you nurture a single cell organism as it evolves into a complex fully formed creature. Probably with twelve eyeballs.
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