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Top 5 iPhone Apps to Take into Space

Best space-related iOS apps on the planet

There was a time when space travel was a pursuit enjoyed exclusively by highly trained astronauts and science fiction heroes.

Soon, though, thanks to ambitious enterprises like Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, even Joe Average could find himself floating weightlessly aboard a bona fide spaceship 68 miles above the surface of the Earth.

Of course, you wouldn't leave home - or the planet - without your trusty blower. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of the best iPhone apps you'll need for that 'inevitable' voyage into the great beyond.

These highly rated space-related iPhone applications will entertain, assist, and educate even the most intrepid intergalactic explorer as he boldly goes where no iPhone owner has gone before.

Vito Technology's Star Walk is regarded as one of the best constellation trackers on the market, so no self-respecting space cadet would be caught dead without it. Whether you're planning a trip to Orion's Belt or just gazing up at the wonders of the universe, this augmented reality app will highlight the most beautiful cosmic alignments the universe has to offer.
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Before you set off on any kind of journey, it's best to prepare yourself for any kind of eventuality. Dead Space presents would-be astronauts with an interactive worst-case scenario of the most horrific kind. EA's survival-shooter forces you along cramped corridors before unleashing swarms of squiggly aliens intent on tearing your fragile human form to pieces. Rather unsurprisingly, it may put you off space travel altogether.
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As anyone who has seen an episode of Star Trek will attest, plotting a course to a distant star system is an integral part of spaceflight. Luckily, Exoplanet has your charting needs covered, providing a database of every known planet outside our solar system. You can plan your route through the cosmos with its interactive 3D map. You'll even receive alerts when new planets are discovered, ensuring you don't plough headfirst into a rogue celestial body.
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NASA, a.k.a. the four most important letters in aeronautics and aerospace research, created this app to keep you up to speed on its astronomical endeavours. With this bit of software on board your iPhone, you can monitor mission information, live stream NASA TV, and gain access to a library of images and files. They may have put the kibosh on the shuttle program, but there's still plenty of delicious science going on within those hallowed walls.
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If we're all planning on blasting through the upper atmosphere at gurn-inducing speed, we'll want to get a sense of what kind of traffic we might run into. GoSatWatch tracks the location and path of every satellite orbiting Earth, making it that much easier to avoid any awkward low-gravity collisions. Pass predictions and alerts will help you reach the final frontier without a solar panel-shaped hole in your hull.
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