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As gamers, we love to bemoan the perceived lack of innovation in our pastime. We all enjoy a good moan about the release of yet another grey-brown console shooter, or a derisive laugh at the latest App Store offering with the word ‘Angry’ or ‘Birds’ shoehorned into the title.

But, the fact of the matter is that sometimes the familiar is fun. Sequels and clones may not be original, but they do allow developers to hone ideas and iterate on concepts over time.

Today, then, Qi presents you with its Top 5 gaming homages and clones for iPhone.

They may not blaze a trail, but these excellent homages on iPhone clearly show that fresh ideas aren’t the only necessary ingredient for a good game. Besides, who doesn’t want to play Halo on their handset?

N.O.V.A. - or Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, to give it its full ridiculous title - is a sci-fi shooter which lifts a fair / foul few ideas from a certain mega-selling console franchise. If you’ve ever played Halo, it won’t take more than a fleeting glimpse of N.O.V.A.’s turret-toting jeeps for you to spot the connection.
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Arriving on the App Store within weeks of the latest Call of Duty blockbuster, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation has more in common with Activision’s latest than just a suspiciously similar-sounding name. It packs the same cinematic style of first-person shooting, the same globetrotting campaign, and the same XP-driven multiplayer mode: all served up on your iPhone. Shame it’s not quite as good as its bigger 'brother', mind.
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Reviewers loved Bike Baron’s just-one-more-go gameplay, outrageous physics, and stiff challenge. Reviewers also loved all of these things about RedLynx’s Trials games. The resemblance is striking, mainly because Bike Baron’s central gameplay is basically cribbed directly from its inspiration. That’s not to say it isn’t a whole lot of fun, though. For it is.
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Angry Birds may be approaching the status of a bona fide cultural phenomenon now, but that doesn’t mean it’s an original concept. Crush the Castle boasts an almost identical trajectory-based setup, and was released a few months before Rovio’s slingshot smash. Angry Birds success isn’t down to innovation, then, but rather the tight, charming, and polished experience that’s perfectly suited for mobile play.
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Rockstar’s 2001 classic Grand Theft Auto 3 arrived on the App Store earlier this week, but Gameloft’s Gangstar series has been on the same shop front for years, serving up exactly the same blend of open-world environment, carjacking, and gun-toting carnage. If you’ve ever sampled GTA Vice City, which was set in a stylised version of 1980s Miami, you’ll notice that Miami Vindication borrows a lot more than just gameplay from Rockstar’s series.
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