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Top 5 iPhone Apps for Making Music

Best ways to make music on your iPhone

It goes without saying - but, i'll say it, anyway - that you religiously read our weekly feature on the Top 10 UK Paid Apps. Hmmm. Well, if you were tuning in last Friday, you'd have noticed that GarageBand is now available on iPhone.

Inspired by the notion of creating towering symphonies on our touchscreen gizmo via Apple's digital audio workstation, we've rounded up the highest-scoring music-making software on the planet for iPhone.

Listen up, future Foo Fighters: here are the Top 5 iPhone apps for making music. Word.

And once you've laid your track down (including some sick T-Pain-tinged vocals), why not stream it over the mobile airwaves using one of these brilliant methods? Then, sit back and chillax by playing a top-notch iPhone music game or three? God, we're good to you.

Who's the greatest pianist of all time? Some would contend it's Franz Liszt. Others might champion Harvey Lavan 'Van' Cliburn Jr's cause. I myself am partial to a bit of Elton John. With plenty of practice on FingerPiano for iPhone, you may one day be mentioned in the same breath as that holy trinity. Follow the on-screen scrolling guide and you'll be tinkling the ivories at the Royal Albert Hall before December.
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You don't agree with our selection, eh?! Right, I'm gonna storm into my hotel room and throw a TV out the window. More seriously, industry bible MusicRadar considers Blip Interactive's virtual recording studio the best music-making tool on iPhone. And so do we. Thanks to a recent update, NanoStudio packs a more sophisticated sequencer, Retina display support, and a TRG pad copy / paste function. Exactly.
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Most Fridays, I struggle to find my pencil case and my chord. I just don't know where I put them. Luckily for ol' Forgetful Fred here, GuitarToolkit makes it dead easy for me track down a chord. I simply touch the notes on the fretboard and the app tells me what chord it is. Better yet: Agile Partners's utility will help me tune my beloved bass using its inbuilt chromatic tuner. No good at recovering missing rulers, mind.
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So, you wanna start a band, eh? A "brass band", you say?! Okay, right, you're gonna need a trombonist, then, aren't you. Instead of holding auditions, though, why not check out a few of the Leaf Trombone performances from across the world. To play Leaf Trombone, by the way, blow into your iPhone's microphone and press down on the leaf. Slide your pinky towards you and the pitch gets higher. Magic.
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I've always regarded the drum as the coolest member of the percussion group. The Steve McQueen of instruments, if you will. Now, imagine if you could turn any surface or object into your own virtual drumset. Imagine no more. TableDrum is an Augmented Audio application that lets you do precisely that. Work colleagues in your vicinity won't know what's hit them once you begin tip-tapping.
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