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Top 5 Solitaire Games on iPhone

Kill a few hours with the best iPhone solitaire games

Who doesn't enjoy playing with themselves?! Before you get the wrong end of my stick, let me qualify that rhetorical question by inserting 'card games' between 'playing' and 'with'.

Right. Strictly speaking, solitaire is any tabletop game which you can play on your own, requires a degree of concentration and skill, and involves tiles, pegs, or cards.

So, settle in for the evening with the best iPhone solitaire games on the market.

But if you do get sick of the sight of your own palms, check out these highly rated boardgames on iPhone for some three- or even four-way action.

In traditional solitaire games, you're challenged to reorder the deck by suit and rank by transferring cards from one place to another. In Candywriter's Word Solitaire: Aurora, however, you're challenged to form phrases or terms by transferring cards from one place to another. Kinda like Countdown meets FreeCell. Kinda.
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G5 Entertainment is normally renowned for its time-management franchises and hidden object titles, yet Mahjong Artifacts 2 proves that this Swedish outfit can turn its hand to solitaire games, too. What separates this tile-matching experience from the rest are the inventive power-ups, the atmospheric soundtrack, and the Retina display support. Hard to argue with that type of package.
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'Mondo' means 'world' in Italian. Bet you didn't know that. Ah. Mondo Solitaire, meanwhile, counts over 100 variations on the Klondike and Patience theme among its well-stacked virtual shelves, including the rather obscure Flower Garden layout. In terms of just VfM, therefore, Mondo Solitaire is probably without equal on the App Store.
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High production values? Check. Slick user interface? Check. Breathtakingly beautiful female croupier? Check. Must be Gameloft's latest attempt to corner the solitaire market on iPhone, then. And with shake to shuffle and in-game betting up its sleeve, Platinum Solitaire is palpably worth taking a gamble on. (5/1 - you will in the next 24 minutes)
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If you can overlook that extra 'g' for more than a second, Mahjongg Dimensions will reward your - cough - patience and tolerance with a fresh, daring, and gratifying take on the old-fashioned mahjong formula. Whilst you still need to match items in a quick and orderly fashion in Backflip Studios's puzzler, you can also rotate(!) your cube to find further matches. 'Unique selling point' springs to mind.
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