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The first in the series of Where's Wally / Waldo? (depending on your country of origin) children's books was published 24 years ago, challenging its readers to pick out the eponymous character from a detailed double-page illustration.

While Ludia's iPhone adaptation Where's Waldo? The Fantastic Journey may be nowhere to be found on this list of the Top 5 iPhone hidden object games, Wally's influence over this particular gaming category will never be overlooked.

Take a gander at the highest-rated hidden object games on iPhone, and whip out your magnifiying glass for that truly authentic feel.

As a special treat, see if you can identify the hidden Wally-related word in this intro. No prizes, mind.

Searching for a missing professor doesn’t have to be as arduous as Indiana Jones's last filmic outing. No, no, no, Bob. In Amazon: Hidden Expedition, you're taken on a fantastic adventure into the depths of the South American rainforest, without having to worry about Shia LaBeouf returning for the sequel.
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Time Geeks: Find All! attempts to draw us in with THAT imploration / exclamation point and succeeds by providing a compelling pixel-art twist to the hidden object genre. Ivanovich also supplies an editor mode in its seek-and-find sizzler, permitting players to create their own hidden picture puzzles!
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When you hear the adjective 'hard-boiled', you probably think of John Woo movies, Raymond Chandler novels, or eggs. If you are a member of the Chandler camp, you owe it to yourself to give Nick Chase a call. Big Fish Games's Philip Marlowe-inspired central character is positively dripping with noir style and coolness.
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Should you wish to test your 20/20 vision throughly and not climb aboard a jet to do so, Avallon Alliance's hidden object iPhone gem will grant you that opportunity. And some. Explore the gorgeously rendered ruins of mystic temples and investigate ancient altars, as you seek out the 'lost' treasure within.
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You, too, can don the white gloves of a forensic investigator like one of those dudes off the telly. Solve a mysterious murder in Special Enquiry Details: The Hand that Feeds, an American TV drama serial in all but name. 30 locations, 12 chapters, and one hard-hitting detective storyline later, and you'll be begging for more CSI on Channel 5.
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