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Top 5 Physics-Based Games on iPhone

Best of the iPhone physics-based action

Those of you with an (Mighty) eagle eye will have no doubt spotted a seemingly glaring omission from our list of the Top 5 physics-based games for iPhone.

Don't get angry, though, Mr / Mrs Reader: overcome your fixation with Rovio's feral fowl by checking out the latest instalment in Qi's weekly version of The Famous Five.

Each of the following high-scoring iPhone physics-based games has three things in common - a realistic physics engine, challenge, and brilliance.

The popularity and reach of this particular genre has even resulted in educational institutions turning to Angry Birds to demonstrate physics principles. Gosh, I soooo wish I'd gone to school nowadays.

Second only to Rovio's aggravated avians in terms of sales and impact on the App Store, Chillingo's Apple Design Award-winning swipe-'em-up acquainted us with the cutest lead character since Bambi stumbled on ice. No wonder the adorable - and incredibly hungry - Om Nom is getting a sequel and some spin-off plush toys. Race you to the store!!
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Two-man indie development team 2D Boy (comprising Ron & Kyle) has only given birth to one game since its establishment five years ago. World of Goo is its name: Taking over the World is its aim. From PC and Wii to iPad and iPhone, this gooey tower-building puzzler has captured the imagination of all.
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Originally submitted to Apple as 'Smuggle Truck', Owlchemy Labs's socio-political statement on US immigration law had to undergo a facelift to pass Steve Jobs's board of control. Mexican refugees were replaced by fuzzy animals, while a safari park substituted for the state border service. One thing remains constant: the pitch-perfect physics powering this hand-painted masterpiece.
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Ragdoll Blaster 2 is more evolutionary than revolutionary, sticking with its predecessor's single-tap to aim / fire gameplay, but introducing new mechanics into the equation, such as gravity effects and teleporters. 150 levels of ragdoll-hurling challenges may even convince your prehistoric physics teacher to buy one of those newfangled iPhone thingies. Perhaps.
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Pop over to Tokyo for a spot of business and you'll more than likely end up taken to one of two places: a karaoke bar or a Pachinko parlour. It's the national obsession with the latter's machines that serves as the inspiration for Coin Drop!, a polished physics-infused puzzler demanding split-second timing and hefty degrees of fortune. Fortune, money - geddit?? I give up.
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