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Top 5 First-Person Shooter Games on iPhone

Best of the iPhone first-person shooters

All of today's popular first-person shooter (FPS) series owe a degree of debt to id Software's Doom, which pioneered immersive 3D graphics, multiplayer networks, and, of course, bloodbaths.

Doom itself was resurrected on the App Store by its creator back in June 2009, but what are its leading FPS iPhone rivals?

Come experience the Top 5 iPhone first-person shooter games through the eyes of the main protagonist...errr, you.

Who needs Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360 or Brink on PlayStation 3 when you've got this combative group of FPSs in your pocket?!? Precisely.

Four-letter acronym? Check. Space marines as lead characters? Yup. Science-fiction backdrop? Uh-huh. Embedded gun position? Ok, ok, we get the picture: N.O.V.A. resembles Xbox first-person phenom Halo. 19 deathmatches later up in the snow mountains and you'll be too engaged to care one iota about any similarities.
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Overkill may appear at first to be a straightforward freemium shooting gallery sim, but don't be fooled. For one thing, the enemies return fire. For another, the sheer range of unlockable weaponry, upgrades, and environments will entice you to shoot, die, and shoot again. 4 million players have already succumbed.
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See! We told you last week during our farm sims round-up that zombies were invading every cross section of society. Now, even FPSs aren't impervious to the force and potency of the undead. Adapted from the Nazi Zombies mini-game in CoD: World at War on console, Call of Duty: Zombies features all four classic maps and wi-fi multiplayer. Reload!!
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17 years after releasing the abovementioned Doom onto suspecting triggermen everywhere, id Software launched this iPhone spin-off of its upcoming Rage console game. An on-rails shooter it may be, but that ought not to deter you from this dazzling and febrile post-apocalyptic adventure.
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The opening scenes in Saving Private Ryan of the Normandy invasion are some of the most visceral and impactful committed to celluloid. Gameloft's Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes recreates those historic landings - alongside 12 other missions in Tunisia and the Ardennes - as you play the role of a soldier in the 101st Airborne. We will never forget.
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