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Top 5 Horror Games on iPhone

Best of the survival-horror games for iPhone

Everybody likes having the willies put up them from time to time; it keeps us on our toes and reminds us we're alive. Albeit a quivering wreck.

Capcom's seminal Ghosts 'n Goblins first scared the living daylights out of gamers over 25 years ago (and not just for being insanely hard), but precisely how frightening are contemporary iPhone horror titles?

Qi has timidly dismissed the wails from the basement to explore the best horror games on iPhone in all their blood-soaked glory.

Readers of a nervous disposition may wish to look away now, as we confront the Top 5 iPhone survival-horror games. "Bang!" What was that noise??!? Mummmmyyyyyy...

Not content picking up the bronzed Qi statue for best-reviewed game of Dec. 2010, Somethin' Else's memorably labelled "video game with no video" now finds / hears itself on this prestigious countdown. Learn how to see with your ears as you explore the dark palace of the Papa. Don't believe Qi? Call it a sixth sense.
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The old 'fight-or-flight' conundrum is only applicable when you have some way of fleeing and a destination in mind. In EA's survival-shooter, Vandal is afforded no such luxury, so must resort to obliterating the malignant Necromorphs on board. With a plasma saw.
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Treading that fine line between interactive book and bloodthirsty game, this adaptation of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's fantastical adventure manages to shine in both categories. Roll the onscreen dice to navigate through the twisting, brutal labyrinth of Fang. And beware: death returns you to the title page.
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Listen up, fact fans. Despite the term 'survival-horror' being used retroactively to describe earlier examples of the sub-genre, it was actually coined in 1996 for the original Resident Evil. Three sequels later, and Leon S. Kennedy remains in perilous danger, this time on the hunt for the President's daughter. Ashley, in case you were curious.
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We've already explored the unstoppable, the unbelievable, the unexpected, and the unconscious. Dead Runner ticks off the final horror motif...the unseen. Using the accelerometer, sprint through the spooky forest as fast as humanly possible. Else, the unthinkable might happen. Or even worse: appear.
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