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Top 5 Match-Three Puzzle Games on iPhone

Best of the iOS match-three puzzlers

Remember Connect 4? Well, times change, my friends. These days, when it comes to putting stuff in the right order for fun, three is the magic number.

Fast, addictive, and intuitive, match-three titles like Bejeweled 2+ Blitz and, more latterly, chronoSgear have established the iPhone as the genre's natural home. Since then, samey puzzlers have been making the App Store more cluttered than the final levels of Tetris.

But, what are the Top 5 match-three games for iPhone?

Allow us to stack the average titles in colour-coded piles and make them disapear, for this killer combo of high scorers is a match made in heaven.

Berzerker Games's fruit-themed bubble matcher puts an aquatic twist on things with a fluid, ever-changing game grid. Offering five game modes, online leaderboards, and Bluetooth / wi-fi multiplayer, this is match-three puzzling at its absolute juiciest.
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Taking a unique slant on the genre, Demiforce's Pythagorean puzzler corners the market on rotate-to-play three-matching. Make sure your phone is at the right angle, mind, as triangular blocks fall in accordance to 'real' gravity.
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Yes, you're right, 10tons Ltd's offering does bear an uncanny resemblance to Zuma. In spite of that fact, polished visuals, a full orchestral score, and tidy gamplay tweaks make Sparkle the Game the iPhone's ultimate cannon-based match-three brain teaser.
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Pair up falling shoes into boxes, then match up the boxes to rack up your score. Digital Heavy's premise is a simple one, albeit realised perfectly. The delightful match-two to match-three twist proves suprisingly compelling, and should appeal to both Adidas and Nike fans.
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"Help Master Chef defeat his customer's inner demons in furious sushi-themed puzzle battles." It might not make a whole lotta sense, yet the refreshingly wacky humour and combo-tastic gameplay in THQ's effort render Chop Sushi! an essential purchase.
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