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Top 5 Social Networking Apps on iPhone

Tweet, snap, Like, IM, and Skype this list, please!

Starring none other than the next Spider-Man himself Andrew Garfield, The Social Network hits UK cinema screens this Friday (October 15th).

David Fincher's movie tells the story of the rise, rise, and further rise of the Internet social networking phenomenon Facebook.

But, what are the best social networking iPhone apps?

Well, even though the founder of the über-popular website / repository / check-in tool, Mark Zuckerberg, wasn't actually involved in the making of The Social Network, he can share this fact with the world via any of the following Top 5 social networking apps on his iPhone.

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Qi sent a postcard from Crete to its Nan in August 2004. It still hasn't arrived. RogueSheep's Postage app cuts out the infernal Airmail middleman, allowing holiday photos to be snapped on iPhone and converted in a flash into a postcard for immediate MMS dispatch.
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Quite interestingly, one in 14 people on the planet now has a Facebook profile. Not of all them own an iPhone or iPod touch, but give it a couple of years, eh, Mr Jobs? Places is Facebook for iPhone's newest feature, helping you track your friends' real-life movements. And then avoid them.
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The microblogging site Twitter has attracted the likes of Stephen Fry, Lady Gaga, Demi Moore, and Rohan Ricketts. Curious chaps and chapesses can now register for a Twitter account from within its official iPhone app, but must always obey the 140 character limit. @qualityindex, if you're wondering.
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Best described as an all-in-one instant messaging solution, Shape's app aggregates contacts from, inter alia, GTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, and iChat. Speech recognition is offered as an in-app purchase, whilst a built-in web browser means you may never leave IM+. Ever.
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So, your girlfriend's parents have just emigrated to Hong Kong, taking your first true love along for the ride. No problemo: dial darling Donna up for free over Skype and chat for as long as you soppily like in near CD quality sound. The Skype boffins have even found a way to charge you and Donna low rates for international calls to landlines. Qi and 132 people like this.
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