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Business Card Transcription

Business Card Transcription

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enRICH is a business card scanner with real human transcription. Automatically start the follow-up process with a personalized text message, video email, snail mail postcard, social media connections and lots more.

“Simply the best automation product I have ever owned. New leads are impressed with how well I follow-up (it’s all automation built into the app). “ - Chris Brown, Florida
“All I can say is WOW, what an amazing program. Even on my best day I would be hard pressed to do as thorough a job engaging new leads as Enrich does automatically - and for every single lead. I highly recommend this awesome product, you just can't argue with results.” - Paula Jackson, New Jersey
“I used to hate internet leads. The problem was me and not the leads, I just did not know how to convert them (and i'm good at converting lookers into buyers). Tom truly is a marketing genius, this system churns out more buyers than I can handle. Thank you Tom and I highly recommend your program.” - John Stewart, Florida

When you meet a new prospect and scan their business card, enRICH Automation’s robotic powers take over and within minutes real humans have transcribe their business card, sent a personalized text message, sent a video email, mailed a postcard, connected on social media, and even updated your email marketing program and CRM.

enRICH Automation sets you apart and delivers a irresistible customer experience. In a competitive marketplace, you quickly become the one only choice.

Robotic process automation solves the log jam of tasks created as you meet new prospects and collect stacks of business cards.

The secret is our formula for converting a new lead into a hot prospect:

HX + S2 + PC/V + MX + SMX + MD/C = Hot Prospect

Visit the enRICH website to learn more and sign up for a free account.

- Great for Trade shows, Conferences and Seminars to collect leads.
- Networking events
- Quickly scan any business card anywhere.
- Human Transcription - because OCR is not effective for business cards with fancy fonts, colors and logos.
- Humans Transcription - we can transcribe neatly handwritten notes on the business card
- Marketing Automation - start the follow-up process immediately
- Automate back office tasks like entering new leads into your email marketing program and CRM
- Get rid of your stacks of business cards
- Never miss out on an opportunity - no lead is ever left behind

- Auto focus camera for perfect card images every time
- Double human transcription (yes, we do it twice to assure accuracy)
- Most common settings right from app (SMS image, SMS message, Magic Voicemail)
- Personalized SMS
- Magic Voicemail
- Email Drip Campaign Integration
- enRICH Data
- Notifications (SMS & Email)
- Ticket Support
- CRM Integration
- Google Contacts Integration
- Database Access
- Follow-up call Reminders
- LinkedIn Connection Invitation
- Facebook Business Page Invitation
- Team Communication Integration
- Direct Mail Postcard Integration
- Handwritten Card Integration
- PDF Follow-up Forms
- Personalized Fax
- Skype Support
- Robot Available For Trade Shows / Events

Some features are only available in enRICH member levels Basic, Premium and Ultimate: LinkedIn Connection Invitation, Facebook Business Page Invitation, Team Communication Integration, Direct Mail Postcard Integration, Handwritten Card Integration, PDF Data Merged Form, Personalized Fax, Skype Support, Robot Available For Trade Shows / Events

- Website: https://enri.ch
- Twitter: @enrich_robots
- Support: support@enri.ch

Our goal is to create the best marketing automation tools to make prospecting for new customers effortless. We are always available to answer your questions and comments.
Please leave a review if you like the enRICH Automation App. Thank you.
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Genre(s): Business
Filesize: 28MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 1.0
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14 Sep 2017
18 May 2018
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