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WeatherSnitch™ 2 — Detailed Weather Forecasts

WeatherSnitch™ 2 — Detailed Weather Forecasts

fr Application iPhone 04 Jul 2012 8.5 Read the review
de iReviewT 11 Jul 2012 8.0  
us App Store Review 02 Dec 2013 8.0
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us Tapscape 12 Jul 2012 8.0 Read the review
us 148Apps 19 Sep 2012 8.0 Read the review
WeatherSnitch is an in-depth weather utility that places its focus squarely on helping you see forecasts with as much ease, detail and flexibility as possible. See the weather locally and around the world. You’ll always know what’s happening with our unrivaled forecast accuracy and near real-time observations. You won’t even have to look out the window! Download WeatherSnitch today and get the last weather app you’ll ever need.

★ Features
• Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Hourly forecast views
• Extraordinary weather artwork (over 100 hand-drawn weather conditions)
• Local forecasts for millions of locations around the world
• Search by cities, towns, villages, farms, islands, ZIP codes, airport codes and more
• Detailed 15-day forecast (with hour-by-hour)
• Near real-time weather observations
• Live icon temperature readings
• Share the weather on Facebook and Twitter
• Moon phase calendar
• Daytime and nighttime forecasts

★ Weather Details
• 15-day forecast (including 360 hours)
• Detailed weather observations (updated every 5 minutes)
• High, low and “feels like” temperature readings
• Wind speed and direction
• Probability and amount of precipitation
• Relative humidity
• Maximum visibility
• Cloud cover
• Atmospheric pressure
• Solar radiation
• Hours of sunshine
• Sunrise and sunset time
• Text-based forecasts

Weather information provided by SnitchWeather. Find out more at www.snitchweather.com

★ Why Choose WeatherSnitch
Finding the perfect weather app isn’t easy. Most apps rely on free information, providing the bare minimum and accuracy that leaves much to be desired. They lure you in with fancy effects and a flashy interface, distracting you from what matters most, the weather forecast. WeatherSnitch throws these tired gimmicks to the wayside. Focusing on highly detailed, highly reliable weather forecasts and an interface void of any ads, clutter and other convoluted features that get in the way. With WeatherSnitch you get a weather forecast you can trust and an app you love. Try it today and see for yourself why iTunes named WeatherSnitch 2 the best iPhone weather app in App Store Rewind 2011.

Need the weather fast? WeatherSnitch’s live home screen icon features temperature readings that update every 15 minutes. With just a glance you’ll know how hot or how cold it is, without even opening the app!

★ WeatherSnitch Reviews
“Thanks to savvy programming, gorgeous graphics and accurate reporting, WeatherSnitch sets a new standard for iPhone weather apps.”
— Apple Gazette ★★★★★

“WeatherSnitch displays all the information you need when checking the weather forecast, and it does this through a solid, custom UI with an intelligent use of gestures.”
— MacStories ★★★★

“WeatherSnitch is not just any kind of weather app, it can do so much more. Users can access a wealth of weather information from all around the world instantly and conveniently.”
— The iPhone App Review ★★★★½

“I’d be hard-pressed to find a single weather-related stat this app doesn’t offer.”
— Tapscape ★★★★

“It only took a few days to arrive on the first page of my iPhone, and now I use it everyday.”
— Application iPhone ★★★★½

“WeatherSnitch is the most comprehensive weather app in the App Store.”
— PixelsApp ★★★★½
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Quality Index
Formats(s): iPodTouchourthGen, iPad23G, iPod-touch-with-mic, iPadFourthGen4G, iPhone4S, iPhone-3GS, iPadFourthGen, iPhone5c, iPadThirdGen, iPhone-3G, iPodTouchThirdGen, iPad3G, iPadMini, iPad2Wifi, iPadMini4G, iPhone5, iPhone4, iPadWifi, iPodTouchFifthGen, iPhone5s, iPadThirdGen4G
Genre(s): Weather, Utilities
Filesize: 110MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 2.1.2
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06 Aug 2013
$0.99 to $2.99
04 Aug 2013
$2.99 to $0.99
18 Jun 2013
$0.99 to $2.99
13 Jun 2013
$0.00 to $0.99
12 May 2013
$0.99 to $0.00
30 Mar 2013
$2.99 to $0.99
27 Mar 2013
$1.99 to $2.99
26 Mar 2013
$2.99 to $1.99
20 Mar 2013
$1.99 to $2.99
19 Mar 2013
$2.99 to $1.99
13 Mar 2013
$1.99 to $2.99
12 Mar 2013
$2.99 to $1.99
06 Mar 2013
$1.99 to $2.99
05 Mar 2013
$2.99 to $1.99
27 Feb 2013
$1.99 to $2.99
26 Feb 2013
$2.99 to $1.99
22 Feb 2013
$1.99 to $2.99
19 Feb 2013
$2.99 to $1.99
13 Feb 2013
$1.99 to $2.99
12 Feb 2013
$2.99 to $1.99
26 Dec 2012
$0.99 to $2.99
24 Dec 2012
$2.99 to $0.99
25 Sep 2012
$1.99 to $2.99
17 Sep 2012
$2.99 to $1.99
16 Sep 2012
Version: 2.1.2
02 Sep 2012
Version: 2.1.1
24 Jun 2012
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