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You can own the awesome Gundam & Gundam Seed Wallpapers Now!
For all the big fans of Gundam, Hand picked the best collection of Gundam Wallpapers.

▶ MG
M01 Gundam RX-78
M02 Zaku II (Char's)
M03 Zaku II
M04 Gundam G3
M05 Z Gundam
M06 Zaku II (Matsunaga's)
M07 Zaku II (J. Ridden's)
M08 Gelgoog (Char's)
M09 Gelgoog Cannon
M10 Gundam GP01
M11 Gelgoog
M12 Gundam GP01FB
M13 Gundam GP02
M14 Gundam Mk. II (AEUG)
M15 Gundam Mk. II (Titans)
M16 Super Gundam
M17 GM
M18 Zaku I
M19 Zaku I (Black's)
M20 Zaku II (Black's)
M21 Dom
M22 Gundam NT-1
M23 Rick Dom
M24 GM Custom
M25 GM Quel
M26 ZZ Gundam
M27 Gundam (ground type)
M28 Gundam RX-78 v1.5
M29 Sazabi
M30 Full Armor ZZ Gundam
M31 Zaku I (Ramba Ral's)
M32 Gouf
M33 Gundam Ez8
M34 Nu(υ) Gundam
M35 Kampfer
M36 Gouf Custom
M37 Hyaku-Shiki (百式)
M38 Gundam GP03
M39 Re-Gz
M40 GM (ground type)
M41 Qubeley
M42 FAZZ (Sentinel)
M43 Zeta Plus Test Color
M44 God Gundam
M45 Gun Cannon
M46 Zeta Plus C1
M47 Master Gundam
M48 Zaku II F2 (Zeon)
M49 Shining Gundam
M50 GM Kai (earth type)
M51 Zeong
M52 RX-78 (Casval's)
M53 Gundam Spiegel
M54 Zaku II F2 (E.F.S.F.)
M55 S Gundam
M56 GM Kai (space type)
M57 Gundam RX-78 Ver. Ka
M58 Rick Dom (Char's)
M59 Gelgoog (Gato's)
M60 Ex-S Gundam
M61 Z'gok
M62 Gogg
M63 Gundam G04
M64 Gundam G05
M65 Aile Strike Gundam
M66 Z'gok (Char's)
M67 Perfect Gundam
M68 Qubeley Mk-II (PleTwo)
M69 Wing Gundam Ver.Ka
M70 Rick Dias
M71 Perfect Zeong
M72 Freedom Gundam
M73 Hi-Zack (v.Titans)
M74 Strike Rouge
M75 Wing Gundam 0 Custom
M76 Ball Ver. Ka
M77 Rick Dias (Quattro's)
M78 Gundam RX-78 (v.OYW)
M79 Ball (ver. 08 MS team)
M80 Acguy
M81 百式 + Ballute System
M82 Gundam Mk-II v2.0
M83 Zeta Gundam v2.0
M84 Nemo
M85 Mk-II v2.0 (Titans)
M86 Gyan
M87 Gundam F91
M88 Ball (Shark Mouth)
M89 Cross Bone Gundam X1
M90 Strike Gundam + I.W.S.P.
M91 Gundam F91 (Harrison's)
M92 GM Sniper
M93 Strike Freedom Gundam
M94 Crossbone X1 - Full Cloth
M95 Hi-nu(υ) Gundam
M96 Strike Noir Gundam
M97 Zaku II J v2.0
M98 Zaku II Char's v2.0
M99 Gelgoog v2.0
M100 ∀ Gundam
M101 Destiny Gundam
M102 Unicorn Gundam
M103 Zaku II v2.0 (Black's)
M104 Strike E + I.W.S.P.
M105 Zaku Minelayer
M106 Zaku II F v2.0
M107 Gelgoog v2.0 (Mass)
M108 Launcher/Swaord Strike
M109 Force Impulse Gundam
M110 Shin Musha Gundam
M111 Gundam RX-78 v2.0
M112 Zaku Cannon
M113 Zaku II v2.0 (J.Ridden)
M114 Infinite Justice Gundam
M115 Zaku II v2.0 (Matsunaga)
M116 Sinanju
M117 G-Fighter
M118 GM v2.0
M119 Sword Impulse Gundam
M120 Gouf v2.0
M121 G-Armor Real type color
M122 Gundam Exia
M123 Guntank
M124 Astray Blue/2nd. Revise
M125 Qubeley Mk-II (Elpeo Ple)
M126 V Gundam Ver.Ka
M127 G3 Gundam v2.0
M128 GN-X
M129 Astray Red Frame
M130 Unicorn Gundam v.OVA
M131 Wing Gundam
M132 Mmusha Gundam MKII
M133 Full Armor Gundam
M134 Core Booster
M135 V-Dash Gundam
M136 The O
M137 Gundam Deathscythe
M138 ReZEL
M139 QAN[T]
M140 ReZEL Commander type
M141 Deathscythe Hell
M142 Shenlong Gundam
M143 Wing Gundam ~ EW
M144 OO Raiser
M145 Gundam Epyon
M146 Delta Plus
M147 OO Seven Sword/G
M148 Gundam Sandrock
M149 Full Armor Unicorn
M150 Gundam Sandrock
M151 Duel Gundam A.S.
M152 Gundam AGE-1 Normal
M153 Gundam AGE-1 Titus
M154 Unicorn Banshee
M155 Gundam AGE-1 Spallow

agh01 AGE-1 Normal
agh02 Gafran
agh03 Genoace
agh04 Genoace Custom
agh05 AGE-1 Titus
agh06 Zedas
agh07 AGE-1 Spallow
agh08 Baqto
agh09 G Exes
agh10 AGE-2 Normal
agh11 Dorado
agh12 Zedas R
agh13 Adele
agh14 G Bouncer
agh15 Zeydra
agh16 Genoace II
agh17 AGE-2 Double Bullet
agh18 Shaldoll Custom
agh19 Adele : Diva Color
agh20 Farsia
agh21 AGE-3 Normal
agh22 Danazine

* All images with HD & Retina display
* High Speed
* Easy to save as wallpaper & backgrounds
* Share the cool Gundam images with friends

Hope you enjoy it!
Gundam screenshot #1
Gundam screenshot #2
Gundam screenshot #3
Gundam screenshot #4
Gundam screenshot #5
Quality Index
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Publisher: Caixia Yuwen
Formats(s): iPhone, iPod-touch, iPod-touch-with-mic, iPhone-3G, iPhone-3GS, iPadWifi, iPad3G, iPodTouchThirdGen, iPhone4, iPodTouchFourthGen, iPad2Wifi, iPad23G, iPhone4S, iPadThirdGen, iPadThirdGen4G, iPhone5, iPodTouchFifthGen, iPadFourthGen, iPadFourthGen4G, iPadMini, iPadMini4G
Genre(s): Photo & Video, Racing, Games, Action
Filesize: 32MB
Age rating: 12+
App version: 5.3
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26 May 2012
01 Jul 2018
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