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Manage all your collection items
Enrich and increase the value of your collection.
Collectors use this practical tool for a quick inventory of collections.

Collection items of all kinds can be inventoried according to international museum standards.

This Collect IT APP is an off-line tool that makes cataloguing a ‘piece of cake’.
Inhouse back-up guarantees no loss of labor.

Easy and clear interface to make a quick inventory of your collection or valuables.

Inormation on product development and new features: info@UniqueCollection.us

1-Make a picture of your collection item
-Title of object
-Name Artist/Creator
-Choose collection type from standard list
-Choose ‘Other’ to get a free field
-Purchase price: (choose currency) edit
-Measurements: edit
(choose ‘Unit’)
-To make an unique accession number use a ‘default’ prefix (e.g. Initials)
Accession number is generating by combining prefix, date and autonumber.
-Every record is stored with GPS location*

GPS location can be ‘refreshed’. When an object is catalogued, and the object is moved to another location, a new record will be proof of shipping and condition.

Manual for settings:

In case the APP is used by one Artist (own work), or works of one artist; this field is used only once and will be a default setting for each following item.

If used by a collector, the default field Artist can be changed while at work.

Accession number
(a unique number is needed for the proper administration of your collection items, and will also be used as id to match with the web sync)

-Global prefix: will be used for all collection items
-Current prefix: is optional, and mainly used for collection types
(e.g. PH for Photography, PNT for Paintings, SC for Sculptures)

Currency (purchase price)
-Choose as default currency:
¥ (Japanese yen and/or Chinese yuan), $ (USdollar), £ (Pound), € (Euro).

-Choose either Inches or Centimeters

Requests for improvements, please write to: info@UniqueCollection.us
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Quality Index
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Formats(s): all
Genre(s): Reference, Productivity
Filesize: 2MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 1
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10 May 2012
$0.99 to $0.00
01 May 2012
01 Sep 2016
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