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Monet HD

gb BDM 2012 Apps Magazine 28 Nov 2011 10 Print only
us App Store Review 20 Dec 2014 9.0
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Overdamped proudly presents Monet HD, Version 2
Version 2 contains total of 1391 Paintings Now!

New Contents and Functions for the Version 2:
-7 Categories newly arranged with total of 1391 Paintings Now
-Sincerely DIY Card Maker - Choose your favorite painting, turn it into a Post Card, and Print & Ship right away via Sincerely
-Instant Facebook / Twitter Upload Functions
-Retina Display Support for iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and the new iPad

✦✦Featured by Apple Inc. in the 'Apps for Art Lovers' (June, 2011)✦✦
✦✦Featured by Apple Inc. in the 'Coffee Table Apps' (Feb, 2011)✦✦
✦✦Featured by BDM's Definitive Guide to: The App Store✦✦

" ...whatever your taste in art, from Renaissance to the Impressionist, from Europe to Asia, if you are an art lover Overdamped probably makes an app you want… I called the GUI and features the gold standard for art viewing apps."
-Lisa Caplan, AppAdvice & sahgeekmom.com

✰Overdamped Art Series™ PROUDLY PRESENTS MONET HD✰
Van Gogh HD, one of our Art Series, was selected as the "Top Paid App of the Year" in ◀◀REWIND 2010

Monet HD features Complete Collection of HD Paintings of one of the greatest French impressionists, Claude Monet.

Featuring images only in HD, Monet HD takes you through a VIRTUAL TOUR of Monet's lifetime work in 7 Amazing Categories. Come Experience the GREATEST ART pieces in the HIGHEST RESOLUTIONS Possible with EDUCATIONAL INFO and Background Music.

1. Paris (1861~1870)
2. Argenteuil (1871~1877)
3. Vetheuil & Poissy (1878~1882)
4. Giverny (1883~1889) Part I
5. Giverny (1890~1909) Part II
6. Giverny (1910~1926) Part III
7. Works from Unknown Dates

Each paining contains:
1. Title
2. Original Year & Location painted
3. Method/Tools of Painting
4. Size of Original Painting
5. Current Location and Ownership

-Background Music
-Save, Bookmark, Email, Slideshow
-Wikipedia Link
-Sincerely DIY Card Maker
-Facebook/Twitter Upload

Music Credit:
Marc ANDRÉ - Sur la route de la vie

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✓Dutch Series: Van Gogh HD, Rembrandt HD, Bosch HD, Rubens HD, Van Eyck HD, Van Dyck HD, Bruegel HD, Vermeer HD, Hals HD, Alma-Tadema HD, Mondrian HD
✓French Series: Monet HD, Matisse HD, Renoir HD, Rousseau HD, Degas HD, Cézanne HD, Gauguin HD, Manet HD, Rodin HD, Delacroix HD, Courbet HD, Bazille HD, Ingres HD, David HD, Seurat HD, Poussin HD, Tissot HD, Gérôme HD, Bouguereau HD, Signac HD, Toulouse-Lautrec HD, Caillebotte HD, Millet HD, Boucher HD, Redon HD, Daumier HD
✓Italian Series: Da Vinci HD, Michelangelo HD, Botticelli HD, Raphael HD, Donatello HD, Arcimboldo HD, Titian HD, Caravaggio HD, Bernini HD, Modigliani HD, Giotto HD, Uccello HD, Veronese HD, Perugino HD, Chagall HD
✓Spanish Series: Velázquez HD, Goya HD, El Greco HD, Gris HD, Miró HD
✓German Series: Cranach HD, Friedrich HD, Dürer HD, Dürer HD, Klee HD
✓English Series: Turner HD, Waterhouse HD, Rossetti HD, Godward HD, Millais HD, Burne-Jones HD, Leighton HD, Sisley HD
✓Russian Series: Malevich HD, Bilibin HD, Chagall HD
✓Japanese Series: Hokusai HD, Hiroshige HD
✓American Series: Sargent HD, Cassatt HD, Homer HD, Bierstadt HD, Eakins HD, Whistler HD, Cole HD
✓Other Series: Munch HD, Klimt HD, Pissarro HD, Kandinsky HD, Mucha HD, Rivera HD
Monet HD screenshot #1
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Publisher: Boram Kim
Formats(s): iPhone4S, iPhone5c, iPhone4, iPhone-3GS, iPad2Wifi, iPadMini, iPadFourthGen, iPadMini4G, iPadThirdGen4G, iPad3G, iPhone5, iPodTouchFifthGen, iPadFourthGen4G, iPhone5s, iPadThirdGen, iPodTouchThirdGen, iPadWifi, iPad23G, iPodTouchourthGen
Genre(s): Lifestyle, Education
Filesize: 680MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 2.3
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16 Nov 2012
Version: 2.3
09 Nov 2012
Version: 2.2
06 Nov 2012
Version: 2.1
05 Nov 2012
Version: 2
23 Dec 2011
Version: 1.92
24 Jun 2011
Version: 1.91
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