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Blame It On Bangkok And Other Musings

Blame It On Bangkok And Other Musings

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Blame It On Bangkok And Other Musingsa
by J.F. Gump

I normally write long fiction (ie: novels). However, there are times when I will have a great idea for a novel that turns out to be a short story instead. I never throw these stories away and usually find a home for them as a scene in my longer work. But sometimes they don’t fit in and these short stories become orphans without a home. I believe that no good story should go unread so I’m making them available to everyone who buys my novels in eBook format from Bangkok Book House. It’s my way of thanking my readers.

The stories in this book are based true events I have seen, experienced, or been told about. They are set in Thailand, Vietnam, and the USA. One of these stories inspired my first book while another was the foundation for my third. Each story offers a study in human nature as the characters get caught up in emotionally trying and sometimes dangerous situations.

If you enjoy those short stories, be sure to check out his novels at www.bangkokbooks.com and at iTunes. Search for 'Even Thai Girls Cry', 'The Farang Affair' and 'One High Season'.

About The Author:-

JF (Jesse) Gump is a US author. His early work consisted of short stories ranging from Science Fiction Adventure to Romantic Suspense. When he was sent to Thailand on a long-term work assignment, he discovered a world that blurred the lines of fantasy and reality. His first short story set in Thailand became a short novelette. His second effort became a novel that retells the star-crossed life of a young Thai woman nd her foreign lover. It was titled 'Even Thai Girls Cry'.

His second novel 'The Farang Affair' reveals the unexpected aftermath of events from his first novel. Two women, one baby, and a farang are drawn by fate and circumstance to the beach resort city of Pattaya. Inconvenient truths stoke emotional turmoil in their search for a new life.

'One High Season' completes Jesse's Thailand Trilogy. 'One High Season' delves into matters of life, death, and choices. A single mistake, a misunderstanding, throws his Thai and farang characters into a maelstrom of fear and panic. It takes a near-miracle to pull them back from the edge of hatred. To tell more would ruin the ending.

Jesse needs every visitor to Thailand to buy a copy of his first three books so he can stop working for a living and finish his latest tale of Thailand (smile).

For an author bio, photo and a sample read, visit www.bangkokbooks.com

For additional information on publishing your books on iPhone please visit www.AppsPublisher.com
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14 May 2012
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