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The World’s Best Thought-Provoking Jokes

The World’s Best Thought-Provoking Jokes

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The World’s Best Thought-Provoking Jokes
by Dr G Francis Xavier

A collection of the world’s best humour, besides having readers double up with laughter this book will also set them thinking, as these jokes and humorous anecdotes contain significant moral and ethical insights.

This book will also motivate you to think positively, inspire you by stirring the creative juices, stimulate the genius in you, develop your moral values, help flower your personality and improve your sense of humour, while simultaneously providing practical wisdom from all over the world.

The book is just the kind of humour that men and women across all age-groups would enjoy immensely and learn from.

Some glimpses:

*To a question asking for the method of preparation of sodium chloride,a student wrote in his exam paper: Everything on this planet was created by God. So, ask him.

To this the teacher remarked in the answer-book: I asked God for an explanation. He gave me the correct answer. So,he gets full marks and you get zero.

*Suresh came to his friend,Harish, with a problem.

Suresh said: I have a problem. I do not know whether to marry this rich widow whom my mother has introduced to me, or to marry this beautiful waitress I am in love with.

To this his friend replied :You need to do two things. First, there is nothing like love.You should tonight only elope with the waitress. 

And what is the second thing I should do? asked Suresh.Give me the address of the rich widow, said his friend.

*A famous boxer had to use the washroom.Fearing his overcoat might be stolen he attached a note to it that read: Owned by a famous boxer who would be back in five minutes.
When he returned he found the overcoat missing, but found a note that read :Stolen by a champion sprinter who would not return.

About The Author:

The Founder-chairman of Tap Foundation International, Dr G Francis Xavier, PhD has a doctoral degree in self-improvement.

A voracious reader, creative thinker and prolific writer, his personal library contains several thousand books and the jokes published herein are culled from this collection.

Known as the Great Motivator, he conducts two training programmes: Tap Your Genius – a multi-dimensional Personality Development Programme; and Business Accounting and Financial Analysis – designed for masters of the business world who do not have a formal degree in accountancy.

He has conducted workshops in India, the US, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Kenya. Dr Xavier has also authored a few books on successful living, Yoga, palmistry and accounting.

For an author bio, photo and a sample read, visit www.pustakmahal.com

For additional information on publishing your books on iPhone and iPad please visit www.AppsPublisher.com
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