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The Teachings Of BUDDHA

The Teachings Of BUDDHA

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The Teachings Of BUDDHA
by Dr. Sant Kumar Bhatnagar

Lord Buddha relinquished his entire kingdom in search of nirvana, which is the ultimate path to get deliverance from this difficult cycle of birth and death. Human beings yearn for pleasure (sukha), but they get suffering and grief (dukha) due to their ego (ahankar) and incessant yearning for materialistic things (trishna). According to Lord Buddha, the only way to achieve deliverance from this tedious process of rebirth is to abandon all desires and attachments and resort to meditation. This is the only way to be absolved of the cycle of life and death and achieve eternal bliss and happiness. Dhammapada entails the teachings of Lord Buddha which were given in Varanasi in India after he attained enlightenment. These teachings were originally written in Pali language and were translated into various languages later. The Teachings of Buddha is a collection of the same 423 sermons delivered by Lord Buddha. The sermons have been translated into English poetry and presented in 26 chapters based on the different attributes of man.

About The Author:

Dr Sant Kumar Bhatnagar, scientist and technologist by profession holds M.Sc. (Vikram University), and M.Tech. and Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. His career spanned over four decades where he dedicated himself to the service of Rubber Industry. After a short stint as a Lecturer in IIT and as a scientist with CSIR, he moved to the industry and worked with Bata (India) Limited, Bayer India Limited, Indian Petrochemicals Corp, and finally with Aditya Birla Group in Thailand. There he worked with Thai Carbon Black Co. and later joined Thai Epoxy & Allied Products Co. of the group as the President. He retired in 2000. Dr Bhatnagar lately started writing books related to religion. His first book, Srimad Bhagavad Gita in simple Hindi poetry, became a success and he received letters of appreciation from the former President of India and also from the former Prime Minister of India. Its English version has been published by Pustak Mahal. His another book Dhammapada in Hindi poetry, is also ready for publication.

For an author bio, photo and a sample read, visit www.pustakmahal.com

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