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The General's Daughter

The General's Daughter

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The General's Daughter
by Micky Vann

English language expert Rodrigo Hernandez de Vargas is a familiar face in Jakarta’s (in)famous Jalan Jaksa kampong, having lived there several years. He’s got the place mapped, including where the open sewers are, is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, got a great rooftop pad and makes enough money to look after himself, party on the weekend and take trips to various Asian destinations during term breaks.

Nevertheless he gets more than a bit lonely, at times. Sure, there are plenty very attractive temporary companions to take out for a date, but this Latino
prefers something a bit more romantic and long lasting, something more like a relationship.

However, when he finds what he is looking for, he gets a lot more than he expected.

Lots more trouble, that is.

Sure, he can escape… and he does so eventually… to Bangkok… only to find his old stamping ground strewn with one fracas after the other, though admittedly not all of his own doing.

But seriously… does he learn anything new and/or useful?

Indeed he does, though that only becomes clear at the end of this travel-cum-living-rather-dangerously three-part saga.

About The Author:

Micky Vann is a semi-retired journalist, travel writer and columnist, who lives in Bangkok despite its awful climate, perpetual traffic jams and ensuing pollution.

Ask him “Why?” and he’ll tell you that he is about to work it out.

Then he’ll ask you what on Earth you are doing here.

However, if you insist, he will divulge that he has a family here and that continuity and stability win over (eventually frequently) moving hands-down.

Besides, there is the decisive quote from Oscar Wilde: “There are only two tragedies in life; one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.”


A ‘thriller’ played out on the battlefield of the sexes

Micky Vann’s Romance-Travel novel The General’s Daughter strikes me not only as refreshingly original in style of writing but also in the balanced way it exposes the deep-seated cultural chasms between Westerners and Asians, played out on the battlefield of the sexes - not just between (heterosexual) men and women, including as it does interaction with ‘the third sex’.

Reads in many ways like a thriller (for its numerous, unexpected twists), enhanced by a witty – sometimes dry – sense of humour. Furthermore, not unlike the best of fiction, The General’s Daughter feels to me far more intimate than non-fiction.

For an author bio, photo and a sample read, visit www.bangkokbooks.com

For additional information on publishing your books on iPhone please visit www.AppsPublisher.com
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13 May 2012
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06 Jul 2011
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