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Blundering Around Isaan

Blundering Around Isaan

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Blundering Around Isaan

by Peter Jaggs

In recent years Thailand has enjoyed a remarkable rise in the number of tourists coming to visit this fascinating and beautiful country.

Thailand has been discovered, and hordes of travellers are now flocking to experience the diverse culture, friendly people and delightful beaches for themselves.

Despite this rapid increase in tourism, there are still villages in the Northeast of the country where things have changed little for hundreds of years.

Join the author during his unexpected six-month sojourn in Northeast Thailand. Meet farmers, fishermen, spirit doctors and Thai boxers and share in his misadventures as he comes to terms with the warm community of a rural Isaan village.

Sometimes hilarious, often touching, occasionally tragic - but never dull - this book takes the reader into the heart of the Northeast, and provides an insight into a traditional way of life and a culture that is fast disappearing.

About The Author:

Peter Jaggs is from Essex in England and has spent the best part of the past twenty five years in Thailand since he was in his early twenties and has visited every province in the country.

Peter has always believed that real work is a necessary evil and should only be undertaken when funds are required for the extended bouts of bar-hopping, fishing and hanging out on beaches he much prefers.

However, he does enjoy writing about his beloved second home and has had articles, stories and poems published in several newspapers and magazines.

Although Peter loves women - especially of the Thai variety - he is not married because he feels that a wife would be as much of a hindrance to his freedom and irresponsible lifestyle as a regular job. Besides this, no female on God’s earth could put up with him for any length of time apart from his mother.

Peter is currently based between Devon, England and Pattaya City and spends an equal amount of time in each of his two homes with frequent excursions to other favourite venues in Asia.

Peter also wrote the first ever book in the English language published on freshwater fishing in Thailand.


The characters and the events described in the book are to be believed. They could not have been made up. Because they are real, the reader finds himself living the various experiences of the writer. This makes the book very entertaining and informative to someone interested in Thailand and especially in Isaan. As farangs are becoming more and more interested in Isaan these days, this will be a major draw for prospective readers who will delight in the author’s adventures..

For an author bio, photo and a sample read, visit www.bangkokbooks.com

For additional information on publishing your books on iPhone please visit www.AppsPublisher.com
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