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Keeping The Wolves At Bay: Media Training

Keeping The Wolves At Bay: Media Training

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Keeping The Wolves At Bay: Media Training

by Jonathan Bernstein

Keeping the Wolves at Bay — Media Training (Bernstein Crisis Management, $49) is the definitive "how to" guide for anyone who may have to deal with the media - live, by phone or online — whether they want to or not. It brings readers the best of Jonathan Bernstein's nearly three decades of crisis management and media training experience, written in a style that's both entertaining and informative. The material in the book, in various earlier incarnations, passed the test of real crises for many years.

Bernstein takes the readers on a journey that starts "Inside the Minds of Journalists," moving on to "Getting Ready to be Interviewed" and then segueing to "Media Tactics - Dancing the Dance." He then provides detailed information on "Media Logistics" for all forms of interviews, and goes on to address some unusual situations — e.g., "Media Training the Untrainable" — in a section called "Special Circumstances." Finally, he provides readers with bonus materials that they will be able to use, hands-on, right away.

While the author's focus is on the crisis-related applications of media training, he notes that his clients have found the teachings to have improved their ability to communicate with many different types of audiences, from town hall meetings to public hearings to investor events and more. His international training experience has demonstrated that the principles espoused in Keeping the Wolves at Bay — Media Training are truly universal.

Take a look at what corporate leaders and leading crisis management professionals have to say about this book.

About The Author:
Jonathan Bernstein is a husband, father, Internet nerd, folk singer, archer, former investigative reporter, former military intelligence NCO, and one of the United States’ most experienced crisis management professionals. For more than 25 years, as president of Bernstein Crisis Management, he has been meeting clients’ needs in all aspects of crisis management – crisis response, vulnerability assessment, planning, training and simulations. In a PR Week article called “The Crunch-Time Counselors,” he was one of 22 individuals nationwide identified as “people who should be on the speed dial in a crisis.”
Jonathan is widely quoted by national and international media about breaking crises du jour, and publishes his own news letter, Crisis Manager, written for “those who are crisis managers whether they want to be or not . ”

Drop in on his website or blog for an ongoing education about all things crisis management : http://www.bernsteincrisismanagement.com

Keeping the Wolves at Bay – Media Training is current available at www.thecrisismanager.com and will soon be available on Amazon and other online booksellers. FOR MORE INFORMATION:Jonathan Bernstein, jonathan@bernsteincrisismanagement.com, (626) 355-7278

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