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Illusions of Love

Illusions of Love

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Illusions of Love
by K B Trehan

Like a phoenix Sheena rises from the ruins of her fate to build a remarkable career and lay the foundation of a beautiful life that promises to last 'happily ever after'.

Then all of sudden dark clouds threaten to obscure the sunshine in her life. But she chooses to shut her eyes to the storm, blissfully ignoring its threat! Like the peacock thrilled by the first drops of rain after a long scorching summer, she mistakes the gathering clouds as harbinger of excitement in her life that she makes herself believe to have become monotonous for her.

As she lets her passions soar high in the sky, it does not take much time for her to fall miserably on the hard ground, very much like the peacock that loses all its fervour in the midst of its rain-dance, when faced with the reality of its ugly feet.

This saga of the beautiful and gifted woman Sheena takes one on a journey of human feelings and emotions that range from the beautiful to the grotesque, the amazing to the gross. One moment the romance and thrill leave on wondering if life could truly be so beautiful and pleasant, while the next one reflects how suddenly fate can turn the tables for us unsuspecting mortals.

About The Author:-

A coal mine would be the most unlikely place to nurture an author. But such is life! It finds expression in unique ways. No wonder that a mining engineer one day decided to be an author.

Kulbhushan Trehan, or KB as he is fondly called, with his earlier book, Dancing on the notes of life, inspired the readers to fight their way through in life. In the present book, he reveals the same spark of indomitable spirit in its protagonist Sheena.

On professional front, KB has admirable experience in heavy industry, operation management and project accomplishment. He has authored several papers on technical and management subjects including the one titled 'Achievement through People and Principles'.

He is a member of several professional bodies and a widely travelled person.

For an author bio and photo, reviews and a reading sample, visit www.pustakmahal.com

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24 Jun 2011
Version: 1.2
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