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If you require expression based calculations, iSciCalc is for you. This is a functionality that is not available in the built-in calculator that comes with the iPhone or iPod touch.

iSciCalc is a multi-function scientific calculator for the iPhone or iPod touch. It supports both Expression Calculation mode and Unit Conversion mode. Calculation results are interchangeable between two modes. Its design is so beautiful that we hope you would not look for something else.

In Expression Calculation mode, you may input and edit a full expression, unlike other calculator that immediately calculates the partial result when one hits a math operation button. For example, when you input 12 + 3 * 45.67 – 890, this expression will stay on the screen until you hit ‘=’ to yield the answer. Common scientific functions are supported, such as sin, cos, tan and their ‘arc’, natural log and exponential, e and pi values, as well as memory functions. The ANS key always returns the last evaluated result. A result too big or small will be displayed in scientific notation, with a mantissa and an exponential. For example, 0.0000000000087654321 will be displayed as 8.7654321E-12.

In Unit Conversion mode, 9 units of measurement (Length, Area, Volume, Speed, Weight, Pressure, Temperature, Energy, and Power) support over 70 units. You may freely convert from one unit to another of the same type. When you finish with the conversion and go back to the Expression Calculation Mode, the conversion result is stored in the ANS for the ease of recall in case you need it.
We care about the usability. Therefore iSciCalc allows you to tap the display anytime to edit the expression. We also display the full name of the unit of measurement when you press the key showing the abbreviation. We carefully differentiate international standards from imperial standards, or imperial standards from US standards.

We do listen to your feedback. Now we have a sharp C and backspace button in orange, the Unit button in blue, and the rest in cool black. We try to avoid your eyes being distracted by too many colors.

The 1.0 users probably remember the ‘sparkling diamond skin’. Yes, this ‘hidden’ feature is still supported. Simply sweep your finger across the display, and watch your iSciCalc change into a fancy look!

iSciCalc is developed by Five Deer Ltd
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Publisher: Clickgamer.com
Formats(s): all
Genre(s): Education, Utilities
Filesize: 2MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 2.0
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15 Jun 2018
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