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Oxford American Dictionary & Thesaurus

Oxford American Dictionary & Thesaurus

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For anyone who has ever spent time going back and forth from the thesaurus to the dictionary, in search of just the right word, The Oxford American Dictionary & Thesaurus is the perfect tool - an all-in-one reference offering the range and depth of a full dictionary, with a wide selection of synonyms and antonyms, plus valuable writing tips and information - all combined in one convenient, integrated application.

The Second Edition contains more than 150,000 words, phrases and definitions - twice as many as the competition - plus approximately 184,000 synonyms and antonyms. More important, the new edition now completely integrates the dictionary and thesaurus text, with the synonyms and antonyms directly following the dictionary definitions of their related part of speech. The new edition also boasts a fresh redesign, featuring an open, well-spaced layout, with the thesaurus sections clearly differentiated from the dictionary text for optimal clarity and usability.

To accompany this fresh design, the application includes entirely revised supplementary material, including Usage Notes, Word Links, Choose the Right Word boxes, Word Toolkits, thematic lists and US/British equivalents - seamlessly blended into the principal text. And finally, many new headwords and example sentences have been added and the text has been revised throughout.

With definitions and synonyms grouped together, writers can now know instantly if a particular word is the one that best captures what they want to say. Authoritative, up to date, and attractively redesigned, the second edition of the Oxford American Dictionary & Thesaurus is an essential resource for students, writers, and anyone else who wants to write clearly, precisely, and with power.

+ Optimized for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
+ Select a word within a definition to view the selected word's definition
+ Fuzzy word search
+ Share words via email, Facebook and Twitter
+ No wireless connection required
+ Tag words for easy retrieval
+ Display a history of words viewed

If you are looking for a great dictionary and thesaurus for high school, college or daily reference use then you've found it!

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Publisher: Handmark, Inc.
Formats(s): all
Genre(s): Reference, Education
Filesize: 27MB
Age rating: 9+
App version: 2.0.4
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05 Oct 2011
Version: 2.0.4
Latest Releases
27 Sep 2016
27 Sep 2016
27 Sep 2016

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