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UK VAT Converter

UK VAT Converter

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Powerful and easy to use, VAT Converter is the ONLY VAT calculator that lets you compare 17.5% and 20% rates and tells you the difference! It also handles 5% or international rates with ease.

UK VAT Converter performs a range of 17.5% and 20% VAT calculations in just one step, and also works out ANY tax rate (including 5% or foreign rates). It's much easier and faster than using a calculator.

It's very intuitive to use - just enter any one of the following and all of the rest are worked out automatically:

- Amount before VAT
- Amount including 17.5% VAT
- Amount including 20% VAT
- VAT Only amount at 17.5%
- VAT Only amount at 20%

Yes, you can even work out the original amount if you only know the VAT amount! It also calculates the difference between 17.5% and 20% VAT, so you can calculate savings.

** New in Version 2 ** Calculate the 5% reduced rate, or ANY rate you choose on the Custom VAT Rate screen. Use the Custom Rate screen to quickly calculate profit margins, international tax rates, import tax, or anything else!

You can enter an amount in any of the white boxes (see the screenshot), and the rest of the amounts will calculate automatically. We even built a special keyboard for faster, easier entry of your figures!

UK VAT Converter is suitable for both business and personal use, and perfect for anyone buying and selling and regularly out of the office!

We regularly update our applications and always welcome suggestions for improvements and new features, so please leave feedback!
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Genre(s): Finance, Business
Filesize: 396KB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 2.3
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01 Jul 2018
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