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iChillout - Ambient Sounds

iChillout - Ambient Sounds

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With new sounds and improved interface, new ambient wallpapers and improved looping algortihm

Chillout to the sounds of the rainforest - relax by a waterfall - let your mind wander with the wind chimes. However you need to wind-down - you can do it with iChillout!

Features include :

- Intuitive play/pause/sound selection controls
- Intuitive timer control
- Real time multi-sound selection
- Smooth sound changing whilst sound is playing
- Auto-switch off according to adjustable timer controls
- Auto fade out when timer ends

Includes the following real life sound samples:

1. A Perfect Storm
2. Rain On Window
3. Calm Waves
4. Camp Fire
5. Amazon Rainforest
6. Indonesian Rainforest
7. Queensland Rainforest
8. Zambian Rainforest
9. Stream
10. Underwater
11. Water Lapping
12. St. Lucia Waterfall
13. Australian Waterfall
14. Hawaiian Waterfall
15. Scottish Waterfall
16. Welsh Waterfall
17. Chimes 1
18. Chimes 2
19. Scottish Highlands
20. English Woodland
21. Mojave Desert
22. English Countryside
23. Monastry
24. Angelic Chimes
25. By The Lake
26. By The Beach
27. Violent Waves
28. By The Pond
29. Prairie Wolves

Recommended for fans of ambient sound applications : Ambiance, aSleep, Custom Sounds of Nature

COMING SOON 2.4 with following changes:
1. Looping made seamless for sounds. Thank you for your valuable feedback!

iChillout is developed and published by Chillingo Ltd.
iChillout - Ambient Sounds screenshot #1
iChillout - Ambient Sounds screenshot #2
iChillout - Ambient Sounds screenshot #3
iChillout - Ambient Sounds screenshot #4
iChillout - Ambient Sounds screenshot #5
Quality Index
2 reviews
Publisher: Chillingo Ltd
Formats(s): all
Genre(s): Productivity, Health & Fitness
Filesize: 28MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 2.4
iChillout - Ambient Sounds image #1
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